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Delivering Exceptional Service, 

Driving Relationships & Trust  

Third party Freight transportation and supply chain solutions 

Enabling businesses to access our carefully curated network of carriers to ensure cargo integrity and on-time delivery. 

Nationwide Coverage - Dedicated team - one point of contact - 24/7 Support 

our specialties: Farms, Nurseries, greenhouses, produce, Dry goods, Paper products, Refrigerated goods, machinery, Parts & More...

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  Canyon Group Logistics is a third-party, freight transportation service, that specializes in FTL & LTL transportation for businesses nationwide. As a veteran owned company, we understand that team work and communication is vital to completing a mission. Our main mission is to help business succeed by handling their shipping needs, while providing our partners with a single point of contact and 24/7 on call support. We understand that shipping is vital to the success of your business, as our partners are vital to ours. 




Canyon Group began with other businesses in mind. Our vision is to enable smaller and medium sized businesses to compete as if they were a large corporation. How can that be possible? Efficiency. Successful companies became successful by focusing on what they are good at and outsourcing experts for the rest. In this case, using a 3PL gives businesses more time and resources to focus on their specialty. Using a 3PL enables businesses to have access to their own logistics department, without the management costs of their own in-house department. A growing number of businesses find it useful to supplement their current logistics team with a 3PL service. This directly adds value to your businesses bottom line. 

Working with a 3PL service is a partnership. Your business's best interests are always put first. When you succeed, your 3PL succeeds. When your business grows, so does your 3PL providers. 




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Our Team 

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From Michigan, Connor is a United States Air Force Veteran who served his Active Duty enlistment as a MC-130J Crew Chief. When Connor was looking to establish his career as a civilian, he wanted to explore the logistics industry. With an interest in helping people and small businesses, Connor decided he wanted to leverage his entrepreneurial mindset and network to build a Logistics Company. In 2019, Connor Co-Founded Canyon Group Logistics in Tempe, Arizona. 

(480) 448-5258  Ext.2

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From Michigan, Jon is a Grand Valley State University graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain Management. As the grandson of a career truck driver, Jon always had an interest in trucking and logistics. He remembers taking rides with his grandfather in his "big-rig". With a strong work ethic, love for the Logistics Industry and constant desire to grow, Jon Co-Founded Canyon Group Logistics.

(480) 448-5258  Ext.1

Cooper Edit _edited.png

From Texas, Cooper is a black lab mix with enough energy to pull a truckload. His contacts are listed below, but don't bother calling or emailing because he won't respond. What does he respond to? Treats, pets and the park. Good boy!

(480) 448-5258  Ext.0


4146 E Pony Ln
Gilbert, AZ 85295


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